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On average Fast ForWord® by Gifts Brainpower increases a child's reading level 1 to 2 grade levels in just 8 to 12 weeks.

Changes That Last a Lifetime

Neuroscience research has proven the ability of the brain to change itself throughout life. Fast ForWord uses the principles of neuroplasticity to treat the underlying cause of language and reading difficulties once and for all.

What Sets Gifts apart?

Gifts is owned and managed by licensed Speech Therapist, Carey Van Fleet Jones | M.S., CCC-SLP
Each step of your child's learning process is overseen by Carey and her team of professionals.
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We are so excited at Gifts to be able to share with you the results we are consistently getting with the children we work with utilizing the Orton-Gillingham method and the Fast ForWord program. All the children we will be sharing with you have worked hard, were consistent in attending sessions and completing assigned programs. Parent support was and is also the key to these children’s success. We are so proud of them!

The first two we will be sharing with you will be referred to as student 1 and student 2.
Student 1 is a female who received direct instruction utilizing the Orton-Gillingham method and also participated in the Fast ForWord program. Emphasis during direct instruction was on spelling rules and vocabulary development. Stanford Testing was completed outside of Gifts when she was 13 years old and then 1 year later at 14 years old. Significant improvement was made in both areas. Yay, Student 1! Please refer to the Stanford Testing Results.

Student 2 is an 8 year old male whose initial testing revealed delays in the areas of expressive language, phonological processing, phonological memory and auditory processing. Student 2 participated in the Fast ForWord program only. Re-evaluation was completed after 8 months of participating in the program. Student 2 had significant improvement in all areas and is no longer delayed in any of the before mentioned areas. Awesome job Student 2! Please refer to the Gifts Re-evaluation report.

It should be noted that standardized tests are utilized to perform all evaluations, meaning none of the tests used by Gifts were created by Gifts.


If you want your child to enjoy these type of results as well, please check out our online/at home programs or after school programs to boost your child’s BRAIN POWER today.results 1 pg 2 results 1 pg1 results 2 pg 1 results 2 pg 2 results 2 pg 3