Struggling In School?

On average Fast ForWord® by Gifts Brainpower increases a child's reading level 1 to 2 grade levels in just 8 to 12 weeks.

Changes That Last a Lifetime

Neuroscience research has proven the ability of the brain to change itself throughout life. Fast ForWord uses the principles of neuroplasticity to treat the underlying cause of language and reading difficulties once and for all.

What Sets Gifts apart?

Gifts is owned and managed by licensed Speech Therapist, Carey Van Fleet Jones | M.S., CCC-SLP
Each step of your child's learning process is overseen by Carey and her team of professionals.
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Only 2 weeks left to REGISTER for Brain Power Camp!

The camps are filling up fast.  We are so excited about this summer.  If you have a child that struggled this year -or- if you are just wanting your child to stay challenged throughout the summer – this is the camp you want.  Each of our programs are customized to your child’s skill level and gradually increase as they their abilities develop.  We encourage and nurture them to see just how awesome they truly are and how much BRAIN POWER they really have!

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